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1.             Denpasar, Bali: environmental organization Fauna Conservation for Life (KSBBK) claimed that Bali is the biggest site of turtle trading in the country.
          In the period between May through to August 1999, it reported, some 9,400 of the protected animals had been traded.
          According to Putu Lisa Kusuma Mustika, a reptile expert from the Indonesian World Wildlife Fund (WWF), tortoises have long been killed in several areas of Indonesia, with the highest number in Bali.
          "Most of them are consumed as food while some of them are used for traditional ceremonies," Putu told Antara.
          Besides its meat, Putu said, tortoise shells are also used as souvenirs for tourists.

The topic of the Article is ........
A.Fauna Conservation for Life
B.The protected animals
C.Turtle trading
D.A reptile expert
E.Souvenirs from tortoise shells

          Is life better in cities? Probably not. Many people find that the city of their dreams has become a nightmare. Population growth is causing unbelievable overcrowding. Nairobi, Kenya, for example, has basic-series for 200,000 people but will soon have a population of 5 millions. Mexico City is home to almost 25 millions. This overcrowding causes many serious problems: traffic, pollution, sickness, and crime. There isn't enough water, transportation or housing. There aren't enough sewers; in Sac Paulo, Brazil, for instance, only 40% of the homes are connected to the city sewer system, which carries away dirty water and waste through pipes under the ground. Perhaps most serious of all, there aren't enough jobs. One-third to one-half of the people in many cities in developing nations cannot find work or confined only part-time jobs. The crisis is worsening daily; that is; this time of danger and difficulty is becoming more horrible everyday. Population experts tell us that by the year 2025, the population in cities in developing nations will increase to four times its present size.
          The situation seems hopeless, but perhaps it isn't. The answer to the problem is to provide jobs for them where they live, where they were born", Takkar says.

2.   What makes unbelievable overcrowding?
A.A nightmare
C.City's life
D.Serious problems
E.Population growth

3.   The main idea of the first paragraph is ........
A.Life is not better in the cities.
B.The problems cause overcrowding.
C.Overcrowding causes many problems.
D.The city of the people's dream provides a better life.
E.The population in cities will increase by the year 2025.

4.   It is estimated that Mexico City will have had ........ million people by the year 2025.

          Rice is the major staple food for most of the Indonesian people. The most liking impact of research over the past year is its contribution to the change in Indonesia's rice production from the world's largest importer of the major staple food to self-sufficiency. In creasing availability of seed of new varieties, fertilizers and pesticides as well as favorable pricing policies, encouraged farmers to intensify their rice fields.
          Indonesian farmers often prefer to grow rice with good eating quality, then select varieties for other characteristics such as high yield, early maturity, and resistance to certain pests and diseases. Therefore, only a few varieties are grown widely by farmers.
          Increased production of palawija crops-food crops other than rice that includes corn, soybeans, peanuts, mungbeans, cassava, and sweet potatoes have been given a higher priority. One of the goals of the agricultural development to continue to obtain sufficient rice production, but at the same time substantially raise reducing of other crops to provide a more balanced diet for Indonesians and reduce costly imports. In addition, these crops play an important role as animal feed and material for industries.
          The government hopes to reach self-sufficiency in these crops, especially corn and soybeans through intensification, extensification, and diversification programes. Production of corn and soybeans has begun to climb. Peanuts have shown a small increase but production of cassava and sweet potatoes has changed very little over the past years due mainly to marketing problems.

5.   Why do Indonesian farmers only grow a few varieties of rice? Because they would rather grow rice with ... then varieties with other characteristics.
A.high yields
B.early maturity
C.good eating quality
D.various characteristics
E.with pest and disease resistance

6.   The following are palawija crops, except ........
E.sweet potatoes

7.   What's the main idea of the first paragraph?
A.Indonesia was the largest importer of rice.
B.Tle change of Indonesia's rice production.
C.Indonesia has reached self-sufficiency of rice.
D.Rice is the major staple food for Indonesian people.
E.Contribution of the research to improve rice production.

8.   Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A.Palawija crops give a lot of contribution to the livestock raising.
B.Marketing problems have made farmers reluctant -to grow palawija crops.
C.Indonesian farmers are more interested in-growing rice with good eat ing quality.
D.The production of cassava and sweet potatoes has increased greatly over the past years.
E.The government policies on agriculture encourage farmers to improve their rise production.

9.   ". but at the same time substantially raise production of other crops to provide a more balanced diet for Indonesian." (paragraph 3)
The underlined word is the synonym of ...

          With money we can buy the things that we need everyday. And there are many things that money can buy. The problem is the amount of money that you have and how wisely you use that amount.
          Money is first of all a means of exchange, If you want to exchange some books that you do not need for a shirt, you may try to find someone who needs your books and who has the shirt that you want. But it is offer hard to organize an exchange. It is easier to sell the books and then buy the shirt that you like.
          Money is also a means of measuring the value of other things. It is easier to say how many rupiahs a cow costs than to say that it has the same value as five goats.
          We can also store value with money. It does not spoil as fish or fruit or vegetables do when they are sold. The cost of things, of course, may change as time goes on and the money that you have today may be less in the future. If it loses a let of its value, money will be a bad means of storing value. Then it will spoils farmer's product can spoil.
          Finally, money is a means for making payments. You may buy bicycle now and pay for it in five months, and. make a payment of one-fifth on the cost every month. This is better than buying one fifth of a bicycle at a time and not riding it until you have bought all parts. Many shopkeepers are happy to do this for you if your credit is good. That is, if you always make your payment on time.

10.   According to the text, the main function of money is as a means of ........
B.storing value
C.measuring value
D.buying something

11.   The text mainly tells us about ........
A.a means of payment
B.exchanging money
C.the uses of money
D.exchanging value
E.measuring value

12.   Which statement is TRUE according to the text?
A.If people have excessive products, they should sell them.
B.It is always good to store value with money.
C.Everybody always makes their payment on time.
D.Money makes measuring the value easier.
E.It is always easy to exchange things.

13.   What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?
A.It is better to store value with money.
B.The cost of things may always change.
C.Money is a bad means of storing value.
D.Our money today will be less in the future.
E.Agricultural products always spoil when they are sold.

14.   If it loses a lot of its value, money will be a bad means of storing alue. (paragraph 4).
The synonym of the underlined word is ....

          During the nineteenth century, women in the United States organized and  participated in a large number of reform movement, including movements to reorganize the prison system, improve education, ban the sale of alcohol, and most importantly, to free the slaves. Some women saw similarities in the social status of women and slaves. Women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone were feminists and abolitionists who supported the, rights of both women and blacks. Number of male abolitionists, including William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Philips, also supported the rights of women to speak and participate equally with men in anti slavery activities. Probably more than any other movement, abolitionism offered women a previously denied entry into politics. They became involved primarily in order to better their living conditions and the conditions of others.
          When the Civil War ended. in 1865, the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution adopted in 1868 and 1870 granted citizenship and suffrage to blacks but not to women. Discouraged but resolved, feminists influenced more and more women to demand the right to vote. In 1869 the Wyoming Territory had yielded to demands by feminists, but eastern states resisted more stubbornly than before. A women's suffrage bill had been presented to every Congress since 1878 but it continually failed to pass until 1920, when the Nineteenth Amendment granted women the right to vote.

15.   When were women allowed to vote throughout the United States?
A.In 1865
B.After 1868
C.After 1870
D.After 1878
E.After 1920

16.   What is mainly discussed in the second paragraph?
A.The process of giving right to vote to women.
B.The effects of the civil war.
C.The right to vote to black people.
D.The nineteenth the amendment.
E.The Wyoming Territory.

17.   What is the topic of the passage primarily concerned with?
B.The civil war
C.Women's suffrage
D.The Wyoming Territory
E.The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment.

18.   According to the passage, why did women become active in politics?
A.To be elected to public office.
B.To be famous throughout the world.
C.To amend the Declaration of Independence.
D.To support Elizabeth Cady Stanton for president.
E.To improve the condition of life that existed at the time.

19.   "A women's suffrage bill had been presented to ..." (paragraph 2).
The closest meaning to the underlined word is ........
A.Freedom from slavery
B.The right to vote

20.   1. This is its atmosphere.
2. Earth's atmosphere is made up of about 20 kinds gases.
3. The earth is surrounded by a thick blanket of air.
4. It also contains water vapor and dust particles.
5. The two main ones are oxygen and nitrogen.
The right order of the sentences above is ........
A.5, 3, 4, 2,1
B.2, 5, 1, 4, 3
C.4, 2, 3, 1, 5
D.1, 4, 5, 3, 2
E.3, 1; 2, 5, 4

21.   A  :  How could the collision happen?
B  :  The police said that the car ........ the bus on the winding road.
A.Didn't have to overtake
B.Will not have overtaken
C.Shouldn't have overtaken
D.Mightn't have overtaken
E.couldn't have overtaken

22.   Teacher  :  Why do you throw the rubbish in the class? You must not do that.
                 Keep it clean!
Anton     :  All right, Sir.
The underlined words express ....

23.   Sister     :  Why did you lend him that book? ....
Brother  :  I am sorry. I didn't know it.
A.I still read it
B.I will still read it
C.I was still reading it
D.I still have to read it
E.I am still reading it

24.   Agus    :  What kind of work do you like, as a secretary or a teller?
Anang  :  Well, I ........ work as a secretary.
A.would rather
B.would have
C.would like

25.   Azhar    :  What's wrong with your camera, Tom?
Tommy  :  The lense doesn't focus well. Azhar ........?
Tommy  :  No, thanks. I can fix it myself.
A.Will you bring in to a repairman.
B.Should I change it.
C.Do you need some help.
D.Have you had it repaired.
E.Would you buy a new one.

26.   A  :  We'll have a discussion about our founding fathers.
       Would you like to join us?
B  :  ........ They are my favorite figures.
A.I wish I could
B.That's unbelievable
C.That would be wonderful
D.I want to appreciate them
E.I want to acknowledge them

27.   Rifaldi    :  I ........ the Students Exchange Programme next year.
Rabbani :  That's a good idea.
C.will join
D.have joined
E.have been joining

28.   Rega :  Can I borrow your car?
Rafli  :  I'm sorry, it ........
C.is repairing
D.is to repair
E.is being repaired

29.   Susi  :  There's something wrong with my computer. Can you fix it, Tom?
Tom :   Oh, I am sorry. I know nothing about it.
From the dialogue we know that Tom ........ fix the computer.

30.   Ridwan  :  I'm going to Hide Park to hear the people making speeches.
David    :  You'll be late. By the time you get there, they ........ their speeches.
B.will finish
C.are finishing
D.have finished
E.will have finished

31.   Shop assistant  :  Welcome, Madame ........?
Lady buyer      :  Thanks. I want to see some historical books.
Shop assistant  :  Well, you go to the books department. This way, please.
Lady buyer      :  Thank you.
A.anything I can do for you
B.do you want to help me
C.would you help me
D.would you like to help
E.would you mind helping me

32.   Rieka  :  What would you give me if you're sent abroad?
Reza   :  If I were sent abroad, I ........ a dictionary for you.
B.will buy
C.would buy
D.will have bought
E.would have bought

33.   Lisa   :  What about going to a sea-food restaurant, Dad?
Dad   :  .............................
What will Daddy say to show that he doesn't like sea-food?
A.I'm afraid I like fish.
B.I can't stand eating sea-food.
C.I am really fond of eating fish.
D.I am sure I'll enjoy it very much.
E.Its menu doesn't offer us many kinds of sea-food.

34.   Donny  :  What about your English test result?
Tania    :  ........ with it. I only got 5.
A.I am dissatisfied
B.I am pleased
C.I feel satisfied.
D.I am grateful
E.I am not annoyed

35.   Uncle  :  Gina, tomorrow is the beginning of your holiday.
              Here is some money to buy tickets for you and your brother to go to Bali
              by plane.
Gina    :  You're very generous, uncle. Thanks a lot.
Uncle  :  ........ I want you to have a really good time on your birthday.
A.No, I don't
B.All right
C.I am not
D.No, thanks
E.Not at all

36.   Any     :  The dress really fits.you.
              Did you make it by yourself?
Dita      :  No, I ........
A.have made it
B.had made it
C.had it made
D.have to make it
E.had to make it

37.   The head of the village  :  The farmers didn't have a good harvest last month.
Agronomist                  :  They should have planted the newly improved rice variety.
The underlined expression means that the farmers ........ the newly rice variety.
C.must plant
D.should plant
E.didn't plant

38.   Indri   :  Why are you here? You are supposed to be at your history class, aren't you?
Indah  :  I wish there were no history class today.
             My parents ask me to pay the electricity bill.
The underlined words mean ........
A.Indah had no history class today.
B.Indah has no history class today.
C.Indri had no history class today.
D.Indri attends history class today.
E.Indah has history class today.

39.   Anjas  :  Dad, may I use your can? I'd like to return Tina's book.
Dad    :  ........ but be home before 6 o'clock.
Anjas : Thank you, Dad.
A.That's good
B.It's impossible
C.That's nice
D.I am fine
E.It's all right

40.   Tina         :  Grandma, can I help you with the sewing?
Grandma  :  ........How kind of you.
A.I am sorry
B.I don't need you
C.Never mind
D.Don't worry
E.Thank you

In cities .....(41)..... poverty sometimes occurs in .....(42)..... slums, where some poor people have not had the opportunity to learn skills that will help them to .....(43)..... a living. People trapped in this kind of situation often have .....(44)..... income.





45.   X  :  Do you think President Wahid will come to the summit conference of
       the Non Aligned Countries?
Y :  Yes, I'm certain, he will. The underlined words mean ........

46.   If you want to borrow some money from the bank, you have to provide a collateral.
The underlined word means ........
A.freedom from danger or.worry.
B.valuable thing used as a guarantee.
C.neasures to prevent attacks or spying.
D.document showing ownership of property.
E.a person who takes care of the safety of people or buildings.

47.   Student  :  The people living near the river often dump their garbage there.
Teacher :  True. And it pollutes the river water.
The underlined word means ........

48.   The sentences in the following paragraph are jumbled.
1. One is familiar "Tombstone" that lists where you went to school and
    where you've worked in chronological order.
2. But prospective employees throw away most of those unrequested, "Tombstone" lists,
    preferring to interview the quick rather than the dead.  
3. The main purpose of a resume is to convince an employer to grant you  an interview.
4. It's handy to have a "Tombstone" for certain occasions.
5. There are two kinds.
6. The other is what I call the "functional" resume descriptive, fun to read, unique to you
    and much more likely to land you an interview.
The correct arrangement of the sentences above is ........
A.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
B.1, 3, 5, 2, 4, 6
C.2, 4, 6, 1, 3, 5
D.6, 1, 4, 3, 2, 5
E.3, 5, 1, 6, 4, 2

          The gases of the atmosphere can't be seen and we are rarely .....(49)..... of them. But they are of the greatest importance .....(50)..... the atmosphere people animals and plants could not live ........


D.in spite of

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