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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2001)

         In my community its various organisms are linked in a complicated web of relationships. There are usually in balance with one another. If the natural web is disturbed, the results my be disastrous. As a rule, the various populations of organisms tend to adjust to seasonal and other changes, and the whole community stays in balance. Most disturbances come from man's activities.
         In an undisturbed forest, white-tailed deer feed on plants of various kinds. Wolves and mountain lions prey on the deer. When deer are numerous, their enemies become numerous too, because them is so much to feed upon. The deer and their enemies stay in balance with one another.
         Then man enters the scene. He looks on aninuls such as wolves and mountain lions as harmful. He kills as many as possible. When the animals that feed on deer are killed, the deer multiply, without check. Soon the large deer population has eaten nearly all the plants available for food. Then the deer begin to starve.
         Another example of man's interference with natural communities is the use of  chemical insecticides. Grass in the sprayed areas my he eaten by cows. As a result, the milk of some cows has been found to contain too much DDT. The insecticides are also collected in the tissues of birds that eat the sprayed insects. Some of the affected birds lay eggs that do not hatch. The number of birds therefore decreases, cutting down the food supply of other animals.
         Whether intended or not, almost every change that man has made in natural webs of life has turned out to be a disaster for the communities involved. Man, of course, is part of the world's living community. Everything he does affects all the rest of it, just as my change in the community or climate around him affects his own well-being. Thus, by changing natural communities, man may harm himself.

1.   What is the text about .......
B.Disturbed forests
C.Disturbed communuties
D.A complicated web of relationships
E.The interference of men with natural communities

2.   The forest is disturbed becaase of .......
A.man's activities
B.the food supply of other animals
C.a complicated web of relationshp
D.the balance of the whole community
E.the various population of organisms

3.   The following statements are TRUE according m the text, EXCEPT .......
A.Man's activities causes disasters
B.DDT is sprayed to kill insects
C.Man changes the natural communities
D.Man considers wild animals as harmful
E.Man does not disturb the natural web

4.   'The forest community stays in balance before man enters it."
This idea can be found in paragraph .......

5.   "If the natural web is disturbed, ...... " (paragraph I)
The synonym of the word disturbed is .......

         The weather forecast, the story about the candidates, and the movie reviews are examples of messages from the media. A communication medium is a means of communicating a message. Examples of media are televisions, radios, newspapers, books, and telephones. The media that can reach many people at once are called mass media.
         It is not difficult to think of other messages we receive through the mass media Every day we get hundreds of them Think about advertisements, for example. We see and hear these messages almost everywhere we go. Advertisements are important messages, even though they are sometimes annoying. They help us compare and evaluate products.
         Most of us get information from the media than from the classroom. Think for a moment about how you Team about local news and events. Do you depend on other people or media? What about international news? What is the most important source of information for you? People who am asked these questions usually answer 'Television".
         We use the information we get from radios, televisions, newspaper and other media to make decisions and opinions. That is why the mass media are so important. Editorials and articles in newspapers help us decide how to vote. Consumers' reports on television help us decide how to spend ow money, and international news on the radio or TV makes us think and form opinions about questions of war and peace.
         With each improvement in the media, audiences become larger and larger. Thanks to the communication satellite, television audiences have become international. More than 500 million people watched the first walk on the moon, for example. And more than 1 billion watched the events of the recent Olympic Games.

6.   You can get the following information from television, EXCEPT .......
C.local news
E.international events

7.   What means of communication is the text focussing on .......
B.Mass Media

8.   Promotions of various products ou TV .......
A.annoys viewers because there are too many
B.are products that most people cannot buy
C.are messages which people are not interested in
D.can be beneficial a disadvantageous
E.are the most interesting part of the TV presentations

9.   The information obtained from mass media is important because it enables us .......
A.to write editorials
B.to build up opinions
C.to decide how to advertise
D.to make television reports
E.to ask about war and peace

10.   From the text we may conclude that .......
A.there is a very tough competition among the mass media
B.people depend much come on books for information
C.there is a rapid development in communication technology
D.messages always give advantages for TV viewers
E.there is a decrease in the number of newspaper readers

        By experimenting with combinations of chemicals, manufactures have produced a wide variety of effective dusts and sprays to control plant pests. Some, such as those containing pyrethrum, work well and do rat harm to people, pets, and birds. There am others that contain stronger chemicals, such as DDT, melathion, fazinat, and chlorine. These can be extremely dangerous if they are not properly used.
        The first thing to do in dealing with plant pests is to seek the proper advice. Trained salesmen at garden stores can supply valuable information on the correct product to use. If the problem is a complicated or stubborn one, additional advice should be obtained from government agricultural department offices.

11.   How can manufactures gel various effective pesticides .......
A.By experimenting with combinations of chemicals
B.By combining different chemicals
C.By producing various chemicals
D.By spraying stronger chemicals
E.By controlling plant pests

12.   What is the main idea of the second paragraph .......
A.Farmers should have good knowledge to fight plant pests
B.Agricultural department only deals with complicated problems
C.Valuable information to control plant pests is needed by farmers
D.Proper advice to control plant pests is provided by trained salesmen
E.Pesticides can be obtained freely in government agricultural department offices

13.   What do farmers need before they use pesticides ........
A.Combinations of chemicals
B.Various stronger chemicals
C.Various effective dusts and sprays
D.Information about harmful pesticides
E.Valuable information in using pesticides

14.   ' .... to seek the proper advice.' (paragraph 2)
The opposite of the word "proper" is .......

15.   Which statement is TRUE according to the text ........
A.Farmers have produced various of effective pesticides
B.Pesticides given by agricultural department offices are harmful
C.Farmers had experimented with combinations of chemicals before
D.Farmers should use strong and harmful pesticides though they are difficult to get
E.Pesticides which are strongly harmful to living things contain DDT, melathion, diazinon and chlorine

            Oil, like coal and natural gas, is a fossil fuel. Fossil fuels are made from the remains of dead plants and animals. It is thought that oil comes from tiny plants and animals whore bodies fell in their millions to the seabed when they died. There they were covered by sand and mud, which later hardened into rocks. In the course of millions of years, the plants and artimal material underwent chemical changes and eventually turned into oil.
            Oil deposits lie hidden deep beneath the surface of the earth. They have to be searched for. Unless the oil actually comes to the surface, it is impossible to be certain that any is present.
            The rising demand for oil products keeps the oil companies busy exploring new oil fields, and drilling new wells. Exploration teams are sent to distant regions to search for oil. If the exploration shows good results the company decides to drill a well. Thus the exploration phase ends, and the production phase begins.
            Crude oil has to be transported to refinery to be made into the many products that are useful to man, such as petrol, kerosene diesel oil, lubricants, asphalt. Further processing gives aviation fuel, greases, fertilizers, insecticides, man-made fibres and many other things.
            The oil industry has a very complex and widespread distribution system. Ocean tankers, pipelines, rail tankers, and road tankers are used ro bring the oil products to seaport, inland depots, can and drum factories, and to tens of thousands of petrol stations in cities and along motorways.
            More than any other, oil industry influences the lives of men and women everywhere. From the largest to the simplest home, whose need may only be kerosene for its lamps and stoves, there is daily need for large quantities of the various oil products.

16.   According to the text what is the result of oil industry to people .......
A.People have gotten jobs from it.
B.It has influenced people's lives.
C.It has made the people rich.
D.It has made their life difficult.
E.People do not get anything from it.

17.   Which statement is TRUE according to the text .......
A.It easy to search the oil deposit.
B.The refined product of oil is also called crude oil.
C.The oil industry has a simple distribution system.
D.Exploring new oil fields is done after drilling new wells.
E.Oil is made from the remains of dead plants and animals.

18.   The duty of the exploration team is to ........
A.build oil refineries
B.drill new wells
C.go to distant phaces
D.find new oil fields
E.make a pumping station

19.   How many finished.products of oil are told in paragraph four .......

20.   "Crude oil has to be transported to a refinery." (paragraph 4)
The underlined words mean .......
A.The finished product of oil
B.Oil that is found in stations
C.The unrefined product of oil
D.Oil that is carried by tankers
E.Oil that is carried through pipelines

21.   Librarian : What was that noise ?
Student   : I dropped some books while I ....... them to the table.
C.was carrying
D.am carrying
E.have carried

22.   Father  : Andri, you'd better mow the grass first before you paint the fence.
Andri   : .......?
Father  : I'm afraid not. The smoke may make our neighbours feel annoyed.
A.May I burn the rubbish
B.May I gather the rubbish
C.May I smoke while working
D.May I sweep the yard afterward
E.May I throw the rubbish in the back yard

23.   Noni : You have caused pollution around our neighbourhood by burning the garbage.
Tini   : Oh, .......
A.excuse me
B.take it easy
C.be patient please
D.I am really sorry
E.that's impossible

24.   Receptionist  : Your room is number 126 and here is the key. Porter, help him please.
Porter           : ........ ?  
Mr. Lukman  : No thanks, I can do it myself.
The following can be used ro complete the dialogue above, except .......
A.Do you need my help
B.Is there anything I can do for you
C.Could you please take my suitcase
D.Would you like me to take your case
E.Perhaps I could assist in taking your belongings

25.   Tari      : Will you go with me to Rinta's party ?
Winda  : Rinta ? Do you mean the smiling girl ....... was the best in our English class ?

26.   Catherine  : Why do you look so sad ?
Larissa      : Didn't you hear the crews tat night ? The emptron of the volcano has killed
                   more than two hundred people in my village.
Catherine : I'm sorry to hear that.
Catherine expresses her .......

27.   India : Roy, you said you would take me to your mango garden.
          When will we go there ?
Roy  : Well, I think we can go there next Sunday.
India : Are you sure that your mangoes ....... by the time we come there ?
A.will ripen
B.will be ripening
C.will have ripened
D.will have to ripen
E.will have been ripened

28.   Bastion : Our team is going to the eastern part of the district to inform the people about
              transmigration and family planning ......?
Winono : No, maybe not. I'd better finish my report of our visit to the remote villages.
A.What's your decision
B.How about going with us
C.How do you feel about it
D.Do you have any objection
E.What is your participation in it

29.   Budi    :  .....?
Lucy   : Yes, could you please get me some articles on economics from this newspaper ?
             I'd like to make a bundle of some newspaper clippings.
Budi    : Yes, I'd be glad to.
A.Do you need some help, Lucy
B.Have you got some morning papers
C.Do you know the current economic station
D.Do you write some articles in this newspaper
E.Does this newspaper contain economic articles

30.   Tina     : Do you think that we can depend on fossil fuels as energy sources for the next
             century ?
Wulan  : ..... They will soon run out.
Scientists are experimenting in changing the abundant sunlight into energy.
A.It's absolutely unproductive
B.It certainly does not work
C.It's really unpredictable
D.It's just unreasonable
E.It's highly unlikely

31.   Nuzul  :  I plan to open an account at your bank.
Roffy   :  Do you mean Bahagia Bank ?
Nuzul  :  Yes. I have heard their service is good.
Roffy   : Yes, that's true .......
A.I am disappointed with the service.
B.They are satisfied with their life.
C.I regret to inform you about that.
D.I'm quite happy with them.
E.I am afraid I can't tell you.

32.   X   :  ......, why do many people want to work in the coal industry ?
Y   :  Because the coal industry pays good salaries.
The following are groups of word that can be used to complete the dialogue above, except .......
A.Despite the danger of working underground
B.Although working underground is dangerous
C.Though the danger of working underground
D.Despite the fact that working underground is dangerous
E.In spite of the fact that working underground is dangerous

33.   Rini   :  Are you sure that you can fix this computer ?
Roni  : ........ I have the qualification for it.
A.I don't know
B.I am positive
C.Of course not
D.I'll check first
E.I see what you mean

34.   Mrs. Bhakti  :  The more loan we get, the more burden for the coming generations,
                       wouldn't you say so ?
Mrs. Sholeh :   I'm of exactly the same opinion.
In the dialogue Mrs. Sholeh expresses .......

35.   X  :  What are you asking him to do ? And why ?
Y  :  I'm asking him to do more physical exercises ......
A.in case he will win the race
B.so that he can win in the race
C.in case he should win the competition
D.because I have just recovered from an injury
E.in order that I will not participate in the activity

36.   Ahmad : What did the consultant ask you ?
Bakri    : Oh, he wanted to know to what countries the bamboo products .......
B.are exported
C.had exported
D.will be exported
E.had been exported

37.   Bella   :  It seems that the Family Planning Program is successful in this country.
Intan   : You are right. The government has made the people carry out the program.
The underlined sentence means ........
A.the people made the program
B.the government carried out the program
C.the people carried out the program spontaneously
D.the government asked the people to carry out the program
E.the people asked the government to cart) out the program

38.   Alex   : You look so sad. What's the matter ?
Lucy  :  I'm thinking of my mother. I wish I knew what has happened to her.
The underlined phrase shows .......
A.an expectation which is not fulfilled
B.an agreement which is not actuated
C.an invitation which is not expected
D.an apology which is not accepted
E.an argument which is not logical

39.   Sonia  : Vani lost her ATM card last week. The pickpocket was successful to take her
             money from the machine.
Mimi  :  She ....... informed the bank to block it.
B.can't have
C.might have
D.would have
E.should have

40.   "If women in the late 1960's had been given equal rights as men, there would not have been 'women's liberation movement!"
This sentence means that ....... at that time.
A.women will not have equal rights as men
B.women didn't have equal rights as men
C.women do not have equal rights as men
D.women have not had equal rights as men
E.women might not have equal rights as men

41.   The best arrangement of the following sentence is .....
1. We have tojog at least three times a week or every other day.
2. We can jog on the streets, in the big squares, in the park, etc.
3. We only need a pair of running shoes, a sport shirt, shorts, and socks.
4. So, don't jog only on Sundays.
5. Jogging does not need a lot of money.
6. If we want to make our body fit.

42.   From 1967 onward, cinemas began to lose their ....... People prefer watching TV programs at home.

43.   Father : When you grow up, what do you want to be ?
Son    : A/an ....... I want to travel in a spacecraft.

44.   What is the best way to motivate children to learn ?
Well scientists said that a ....... would encourage them to learn. We give them something or just say a word, such as "good" or "excellent" whenever they make good progress in learning.

          Sailing may seem like a difficult sport. But it is really not hard. You do not need to be strong, but you need to be quick. And you need understand .....(45)..... basic rules about the wind.
          First, you must ask .....(46)..... "Where is the wind coming from ? Is it coming from .....(47)..... or behind or from the side ? You must be thinking about this all the time on the boat. The wind direction tells you what to do with the sail.

A.a few
B.a tiny
C.a little
D.a minor
E.a slight



       The money lent to the customers comes from the .....(48)..... who invest it in bank and from profit made by private businesses and individuals. They are demanded deposits, and tune deposits. Depositors get .....(49)..... from the use of their money in the banks, and the interest is .....(50)..... by the government.




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