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          Lake Toba, which is situated in the center of Bukit Barisan Mountain range, is an interesting mountain resort with Samosir island in the center of the lake. It boats many modern hotels and facilities for water sport such as boating, water skying and swimming.
         In West Sumatera, the center of culture and tourism is Bukit Tinggi, situated in the highlands north of the provincial capital of Padang. West Sumatera is a land of scenic beauty with green lakes and blue mountains.
         Java has a great number of attractions, including the world renowned Botanic Garden in Bogor, the wildlife reserve of Ujung Kulon on the south west part of the island. Borobudur, a gigantic Buddhist shrine is situated 42 kilometers northwest, of Yogyakarta and the Ijen crater lies in East Java and displays hot springs, waterfalls and free roaming deers as well as a sulphur crater. A threehour drive from Surabaya, and then a pony fide from the village of Ngadisari over the sea will take you to mount Bromo which is an active volcano with sulphur fumes and smoke still emitting from its depths. The inhabitants of the surrounding areas believe in the God of Bromo and bring offerings to his deity.
         Bali is different from the rest of Indonesia because , of is unique form of Hinduism called "Hindu Dharma!' 'Religion is the main source of traditional custom in family and community life. The soul of a Balinese is religion and it finds its expression in art. Many articles and books have been written on Bali.

1.   What natural beauty does West Sumatera have?
A.Active volcanoes
C.Modem hotels
D.Mountain resort
E.Green lakes and blue mountains

2.   Which of the following attractions is not found in the surroundings of the Ijen crater?
A.Hot springs
C.A sea of sand
D.A sulphur crater
E.Free-roaming deer

3.   Borobudur, a gigantic Buddhist shrine is situated 42 kilometers northwest of Yogyakarta. The underlined word means ..........

4.   How many tourist resorts are mentioned in the third paragraph ?

5.   Pinta's mother is a ........ She teaches students at the Gajah Mada University.

6.   You'd better put on your ....... when you go out, it's very cold outside.

7.   Newspapers have on basic purpose, that is to get ....... as quickly as possible from reliable sources to readers.

8.   Marlin : Christ where are you staying?
Christ : At Sahid Hotel
Marlin asked Christ ..........
A.where he stays
B.where he was staying
C.where did he stay
D.where does he stay
E.where had he stayed

9.   It's 9 p.m Nancy is going to bed, so she says to the other members of the family .........
D.See you soon
E.Good evening

10.   Yunus : Dedi, let's spend this weekend for fishing. I have found a good spot.
Dedi   : I am sorry, I hate fishing.
From the above sentence, Dedi shows his ....... for fishing.

11.   Student  : I've finished the test. Here you are, sir
Teacher : Good You ....
A.can't stay here
B.will leave the room
C.can't tell anything
D.may leave the classroom
E.must say thank you

          A natural disaster is a terrible accident e.g. a great flood, a big fire or an earthquake. It usually causes great suffering and loss of a large sum of money. The casualties are injured or died. Some people are homeless and need medical care.
          Floods occur when the water of rivers. Lakes, or streams overflow their banks and pour out onto the surrounding land Floods are caused by many different things. Often heavy rainstorms that last. For a brief time can cause a flood. But not all heavy storms are? followed by flooding. If the surrounding land is flat and can absorb the water, no flooding will occur. If, however, the land is hard and rocky, heavy rain cannot be absorbed. Where the banks are low, a river may overflow and flood adjacent lowland
          In many parts of the world floods are caused by tropical storms called hurricanes or typhoons. They bring destructive winds of high speed, torrents of ram, and flooding. When a flood occurs, the destruction to the surrounding land can be severe. Whole villages and towns are sometimes swept away by water pouring swiftly over the land. Railroad tracks buckled and are uprooted from their beds. Highways are washed away.
          When a building caught fire, the firemen pitched in to help battle the blue. Before the pumps were invented, people formed bucked brigades to fight fires. Standing side by side, they formed a human chain from the fire to nearby well or never. They passed buckets of water from hand to hand to be poured on the flames.
          The damage of fire did depend a great deal on where it happened. In the country or a small village, only a single house might burn down. But in crowded cities, fire often destroyed whole blocks and neighborhoods before being controlled.

12.   When is flood more likely to happen?
A.When heavy rainstorms happen on flat land.
B.When rainstorms happen on hard rocky land.
C.When heavy rainstorms happen on forest land.
D.When the water of rivers overflow into absorbing land
E.When banks of the rivers are adjacent to lowland.

13.   All of the following information are natural disasters, except .........

14.   Why do hurricanes or typhoons usually cause great destruction?
Because they .........
A.bring destructive winds and torrential rains
B.are heavy enough to cause flood
C.are heavy storms
D.are hard winds
E.are tropical storms

15.   Modern fire brigades use ........ to fight fire.
A.buckets of water
B.spraying sand
C.human chain
D.fire pump
E.fire arm

16.   This proposal was turned down by the personnel Manager.
The synonym of turned down is ........

17.   An officer in a diplomatic mission whose duty is to care for the commercial interests of his country is called an/a ..........

18.   If you want to have your hair cut, why don't you go to him?
He is a famous ........ in the city ?

19.   Affandi is one of the famous ....... In Indonesia. We really admire his works.

20.   Lita   : Fit, which do you like better, singing or dancing ?
Fitria : Well, I'd ... than dance.
A.better sing
B.have sing
C.prefer singing
D.rather singing
E.rather sing

21.   Ruri : Do you know my cousin Bob ?
Ari  : Sure, I haven't heard about him for a long time.
Ruri : He will get married next Sunday.
Ari  : No, I'm not.
A.Can I see you at the wedding party ?
B.Will you be attending his party ?
C.Do you feel like going to his party ?
D.Are you also invited ?
E.Do you mind going to the wedding with me ?

22.   Passenger        : Is it allowed to bring a bird on the plane?
Custom officer : I am sorry, that's not allowed.
The underlined utterance expresses ........

23.   Bill        : Have you considered my offer to work for our company?
George  : Yes, I have, but I'd take the job if the salary suited me.
From the dialogue we may conclude that George ........
A.has accepted the job
B.has worked for the company
C.has not yet considered taking a job
D.has refused to take the job
E.has not heard about the job

24.   Mr. Bronto leaves Surabaya for Medan by GIA 707 at 9 am. By 11 a.m he ........ there.
C.was arriving
D.will arrive
E.will have arrived

          Nobody likes paying taxes. Even those who know that taxation is necessary and just are reluctant to pay taxes. It is not pleasant to see part of your monthly income taken away from you in income tax. Ignorant people think this is an injustice and make a grievance of it; so it is just as well that we should know why we are taxed, so that We can see the fairness of the system.
         Every country must have a government of some sort, or life would be impossible. The primary duties of a government are to protect the life and property of the citizens, to maintain law and order and settle dispute between citizens, in a just and orderly way through the law-courts, to defend the country from foreign foes, and to maintain the roads and highways. Besides, many governments maintain and direct education, provide hospitals for the sick; and attend to sanitation. All these great public duties need money : an army and navy have to be kept up, the police force and the judges have to be paid, schools have to be provided and teachers supported, expert health officers and sanitary engineers have to be employed. Now where is all the money needed for the public service to come from ? The question is answered by another. For whose benefits are all these service maintained ? The answer is, for the benefits of the public. It is the people as a whole, rich and poor, that benefit by security of fife and property, by the sound administration of justice, by the maintenance of roads, by the public hospital, public schools, and good sanitation. Therefore it is only right that the public, the individual citizens of the country should contribute the money needed; for the money they give comes back to them in the shape of these public benefits which all enjoy.
          So long, therefore, as we have a good and efficient government so long as our money is being used in the right way, and so long as the burden of taxation is distributed fairly, as different classes can bear it, we have no right to grumble at having to pay our share of the taxes.

25.   Which one of these titles is the most suitable for the text above?
A.Objections to Taxes
B.Why citizens are Taxed
C.The Burden of Taxation
D.Taxation is a Necessity
E.Income taxes

26.   The topic of paragraph 2 is ...........
A.the reasons of taxation
B.the right of citizens
C.the expenses of public duties
D.the duties of a government
E.the types of public services

27.   Why do people have to pay income tax?
Because .........
A.they have to pay tax for the things they need
B.they have to pay tax whether they are rich or poor
C.the tax is needed to carry out the government's public duties
D.they have to pay tax for the things they buy or sell.
E.they have to pay tax for the government benefit

28.   According to the text the following statements are true, except ........
A.Everyone knows that taxation is necessary
B.The public must bear their shares of public expense
C.It is the government's duty to provide hospitals for the sick
D.TV same amount of income tax is imposed on the rich and the poor
E.The taxpayers enjoy public services provided by the government

29.   Journalist : Some of our forests in Kalimantan and Sumatera were destroyed
                 in the forest fire.
Official    : It's a pity. The destruction of the rainforest could also bring
                 about the extinction of orangutans.
The underlined word means ..........
A.act of putting out
B.act of preserving
C.no longer in existence
D.prevention of loss
E.keep something for special purpose

         JAKARTA - When the government announced the liquidation of 16 banks last Saturday, many people are surprised as they did not expect their bank to be on the list, Others were still trying to come to terms with the fact that they had lost their jobs.
         "I heard on the radio that 16 bank were liquidated, that's why I came here, to check whether I could still withdraw my money," said Prapto, who claimed to have a deposit in one of the liquidated banks on JI. Thamrin. But the said he couldn't get it as it was Saturday and most banks do not open then.
        The headquarters of some of the liquidated banks, such as Bank Pacific and Bank Industry look calm, with only a few people coming and going. Several people called the 'Observer' last Saturday afternoon two find out which banks had been liquidated.
        I Nyoman Moena, a noted banking analyst told the 'Observer' it is a normal reaction for people to panic when hearing such things, but, he said, the government must certainly have anticipated the situation. "I think the monetary authority must have been prepared this tune, after the announcement of the liquidation of Bank Sumina in 1992," Moena said referring to the guarantee by the government two pay depositors in to weeks on November, 13, 1997 and the naming of the banks that will handle the pay outs.
         When announcing the liquidations last Saturday, Bank Indonesia assured depositors they would get their money back. Those who had less than Rp 20 million would get all their money on November 13, while those who had over Rp 20 million would get up to Rp 20 million in the first stage with the remainder being paid later.
         The President Director of Bank IFI Harry Rachmadi said yesterday that the liquidation of sixteen bank would certainly have an impact in the community, as some people may lose their jobs. To minimize the impact of the liquidations. it is important to accelerate the process. Rachmadi said that the decision could also be a 'shock therapy' for Indonesian banks. "Bank owners can no longer do as they want when operating their own banks," he said. He also said that some members of the public should have anticipated this, as the press had ear her reported the likely liquidation of some ailing banks following the currency turmoil that hit the country in July this year.

30.   The article is about ........
A.the liquidation of 16 banks
B.a shock therapy for banks
C.people's reaction about liquidated banks
D.the loss of money deposited in the liquidated banks
E.the impact of liquidated bank on the employees

31.   The main idea of paragraph 4 is .........
A.some banks are assigned to handle the pay outs
B.the government has anticipated the people's reaction
C.the government guarantees to pay depositors by certain banks
D.I Nyoman Moena is a noted banking analyst
E.The liquidated banks do not guarantee that the depositors can get back their deposits

32.   Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text ?
A.The hadquarter of the liquidated banks were crowded with people
B.Bank Summa was one of the banks liquidated last Saturday
C.The liquidation could be a shock therapy for Indonesian banks
D.Harry Rachmadi said that there will be no impact of liquidation in the community
E.The liquidated banks do not guarantee that the depositors can get back their deposits

33.   The pay outs will be given to depositors in stages.
This idea is stated in paragraph .........

34.   " ......., that's why I came here to check whether I could still withdraw my money, .......(paragraph 2).
The underlined word means ........
A.take out
B.make known
C.give away
D.put back
E.make certain

        MANILA (AFP) : The philippines has the most number of endemic bird species which are in danger of extinction, according to a nation wide wildlife report obtained here yesterday.
        This includes the Cebu flower-pocker of which only four are known to stiff be alive, making it the most endangered bird in the world, the Red Data Book' said.
        An endangered species is defined as one that has a 20 percent chance of becoming extinct in 20 years.
        The 'Data Book' said the sweat of extinction was due to the growing destruction of the forests which are the habitats of the birds and other wild animals, many of which are similarly endangered.

35.   The text is about ......
A.the 'Philippine Red Data Book' on animals
B.the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Philippines
C.the number of endemic bird species still available
D.the endangered habitats of birds in the Philippines
E.a report about the extinction of the most endangered birds

36.   According to the 'Red Data Book', some bird and wild animals are in danger of extinction because people ........
A.hunt them for sports
B.keep destroying forests
C.move their habitats
D.change forests into their habitats
E.catch them to be domesticated

37.   Endangered species are .........
A.the forty percent of bird species in the world
B.all wild animals except the Cebu flower-pecker
C.birds which now remains twenty percent
D.the endemic bird species kept in captivity
E.those predicted to be extinct within 20 years of time

38.   The threat of extinction was due to ........"(paragraph 5)
The word 'threat' means .......

39.   Rita   : The Kasepuhans, a community living in and around the Gunung
           Halimun national park still practice a traditional way of planting rice.
Kitty  : For example?
Rita   : They only grow local rice varieties, only plant once a year, and
           reject the use of pesticides.
"reject" means ........

40.   Tourist : Would you tell us where we can get handicraft for souvenirs?
Guide  : Well, let's go to Pucang : it is very popular with its handicraft.
Almost all the people there make their living by ........ things from the horns of buffaloes or cows.

41.   Mother : When the price of petrol rises, the price of all basic commodities
              follows to rise. It always happens like this.
Father  : ...... that our income will be sufficient if there is no increase in our salary.
A.I am sure
B.It's certain
C.I am pleased
D.It's possible
E.I doubt

42.   X : Although this is the best cinema in town, there are not many people visiting it.
Y : .... nowadays most people prefer spending their time at home watching TV.
A.Oh, no!
B.I don't think so
D.That's right
E.It's not true

43.   X : Has she already got some medicine?
Y : If she had visited the doctor, she would have been given medicine.
From the dialogue above we know that ........
A.the doctor visited her and gave her medicine
B.she visited the doctor, so she was given medicine
C.she didn't visit the doctor, so she wasn't given medicine
D.although she didn't visit the doctor, she was given medicine
E.she didn't visit the doctor because the doctor had already given her medicine

44.   Burhan : The river is very dirty. People shouldn't have thrown household
              rubbish into the river.
Fikri    : That's exactly what I think.
From the dialogue above we know .........
A.Fikri disagrees with Burhans's opinion
B.Burhan thinks exactly the same way
C.Waste material has not been collected
D.People polluted the river with rubbish
E.Burhan warned people not to throw rubbish in the river

45.   Ricky : You look happy with your new job here.
Nelly  : You're right. My family and I are happier here ...... my
            salary is smaller than before.
A.in spite of

46.   A : Do you know the woman speaking with? the professor?
B : Yes, she is our new lecturer ........
A.which also can speak English well
B.with whom she will help the professor
C.whose her daughter is a famous surgeon in this town
D.who is also an assistant of the minister of woman affairs
E.whom also working as a consultant in a foreign company

47.   Dika : Can I borrow your laptop?
Ditya : Certainly, but what's wrong with yours?
Dika : It ....... now.
A.is being repaired
C.is repairing
D.has repaired
E.is going to repair

48.   Mrs. Hilman : I like your garden. It is well-maintained.
                     Do you still have time to tidy it ?
Mrs. Anton : of course not ....... twice a week.
A.I always tidy it myself
B.I have tidied it
C.I have to tidy it
D.I have it tidied
E.I ask somebody to tidy it

49.   A : More and more people have died as the victims of war.
B : That's terrible. I wish we were living in a world with no war or in between countries. The underlined sentence means ........
A.we are living in a peaceful world
B.we were living in a peaceful world
C.we are not living in a peaceful world
D.we were not living in a peaceful world
E.we will live in a peaceful world

50.   X : Do you think that the monetary crisis will soon conle to an end ?
Y : ........, this condition won't be back to normal within mone or two years.
A.I am fed up with the news
B.I am sorry to hear that
C.It would be agreeable
D.It's not my business
E.It's very unlikely

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