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          Vegetables grown to contain extra substances which are known to give protection against cancer and heart disease could be in markets within five years, British scientists said on Wednesday.
          Researchers at a Biochemical Society conference in Brighton, southern England said fruits and vegetables could be grown to provide more anti-oxidants, which neutralize particles that can cause cancer and heart disease.
          Fruits and vegetables naturally contain anti-oxidants such as vitamins A and E.
          Health authorities in the United States and Britain recommend that people eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.
          But most people eat much less than this and smokers and the poor who are most at risk are among the most reluctant to eat their greens. If vegetables could be grown to contain more antioxidants, people with poor eating habits could reduce their risk of disease.

1.   Who said that fruits and vegetables could be grown to provide more anti-oxidants ?
A.British scientists
B.Researches at a Biochemical Society
C.Health authorities in the United States
D.The British health authorities
E.The British researchers.

2.   Why should people eat more vegetables and fruits ?
A.To neutralize particles
B.To consume more vitamins
C.To stay young
D.To make their bodies stronger
E.To avoid heart disease and cancer

3.   Which of the following statements is not true according to the text ?
A.Smokers are most at risk of getting cancer and heart disease.
B.Anti-oxidants are known to protect against cancer and heart disease.
C.Eating fruits and vegetables can help us stay healthy
D.Fruits and vegetables contain the increased amount of anti-oxidants.
E.People should not eat enough fruits and vegetables everyday

4.   The topic of paragraph two is ........
A.the British scientists who discovered anti-oxidants
B.the vegetables and fruits that contain anti-oxidants
C.the conference that is held at Biochemical society
D.the substances that are needed to protect against cancer
E.the possibility to get more anti-oxidants

5.   But most people eat much less than this and smokers and the poor who are most at risk are among the most reluctant to eat their greens.
The meaning of the word reluctant is ........

6.   If vegetables could be grown to contain more anti-oxidants, people with poor eating habits could reduce their risk of disease (paragraph 4)
The word "contain" is similar to ........

                                                       JOB CENTRE
          People who are looking for a job can find information about job vacancies in the mass media. A company usually places an advertisement in newspapers or magazines when they need people to fill vacant positions. These advertisements give job-seekers all the information they need to know about job vacancies.
          In addition to advertisements, there are some other institutions both governments and non government that do the same thing, These institutions are know as job centre or employment agency. Their purpose is to make people known about the vacancies.
          Job centre is an official government institution. It provides information and also accepts registration of applicants who need jobs. Each will be given a registration card telling everything about the holder. By having this, the holder has at least two advantages. First, the holder is stated on the list of the Department of Manpower as a job-seeker. Second, if there is a vacancy through the department, he or she will be informed and invited to apply for a job.
          Really, getting a job is not an easy matter. Applicants should prepare themselves better by having good skills and abilities, a good educational background and determination to succeed.

7.   What is the topic of the first paragraph ?
A.Advertising companies
B.Information about vacancies
C.Specific requirement
D.Amount of salaries
E.Job description

8.   You'll be accepted as an employee of a company if you fulfill the ........
A.educational background
B.specific requirements
C.amount of salaries
D.registration card
E.skills and abilities

9.   Paragraph three tells us about ........
A.registration cards
B.government institutions
C.registration of applicants
D.the list of the Department of Manpower
E.the advantages of having a registration card

10.   Which of the following statements is not true according to the text ?
A.An applicant gets information about job vacancies in an advertisement
B.The purpose of a job centre is to make people know about the vacancies
C.Without having good skills job seekers can get a job easily
D.An applicant should have a good educational background
E.An employment agency can be non-government

11.   " ........ the information they need to know about job vacancies".
The underlined word means ........
A.ways applicants do to look for a job
B.positions which have not been filled
C.periods of rest from work
D.certain kinds of work
E.everything about a job

12.   " ........... a good educational background and determination to succeed (paragraph 4)
The underlined word similar to ........

          All plants need water to grow. They get this water from the soil. In some places nature supplies all the water that is needed. But in other places people must find ways top supplement nature's supply. The system of supplying water to ensure proper growth of plants and to increase the yield of crops is called irrigation.
          The use of irrigation is one of the most important agricultural practices ever developed. Only about 15 percent of the most important agricultural practices ever developed. Only about 15 percent of the world's farmland is irrigated. But the irrigated large percentage of the world's food supply. Irrigation is practiced on every continent except Antartica.
          Irrigation is used to supplement rainfall. Even in humid areas, irrigation is needed to grow certain crops. For example, rice fields must be flooded until harvest time.

13.   Where do the plants get water from ?
A.the soil
C.humid areas

14.   The main purpose of irrigation is ........
A.to absorb water
B.to store water
C.to grow certain crops
D.to make plants grow
E.to obtain water for a reservoir

15.   Which of the following statements is true according to the text ?
A.Irrigation is used in addition to rainfall
B.Nature supplies all the water everywhere
C.In the rainy season we don't need irrigation
D.Irrigation is well developed in Antartica
E.All the word's farmland use irrigation

16.   The second paragraph is about .......
A.the use of irrigation
B.the word's food supply
C.how to irrigate rice fields
D.the importance of agricultural practice
E.the ways to supplement nature's supplay

17.   Even in humid areas, irrigation is needed to grow certain crops
The underlined word means ........

18.   "The practice of supplying water to ensure proper growth." (Paragraph 2)
The synonym of "proper" is ........

          In early societies money was unknown and man relied on a simple system of exchange. Perhaps a good hunter had more animal skins than he could use. His neighbor, a good fisherman, might have too many fish but needed furs to protect his children from the cold. Both soon realized that their problem could be easily solved by exchanging what they did not need, their surplus, for what they did need.
          This method of exchanging something not needed for something that is needed is called barter. The word comes from the Italian "barattare" and the French "barater", which mean for "trade".
          Barter was an important means of exchange when the needs of primitive man were mostly for clothing, food, and shelter. But the system had many difficulties.
          For example, a weaver who wanted to exchange his cloth for a good catch of fish might not be able to find a fisherman who needed cloth. And a farmer with too much corn might not be able to find a hunter with too many deer. When labor and services became more specialized in growing societies the demands of payment. A new system of exchange had to be found.
          As man developed, he turned to many different things in his search for a convenient medium of exchange, or money. One of the earliest forms of money was cattle. The richest man was the one who owned the most livestock. His cattle were called capitale, and from that Latin word we get our word "capital" meaning "wealth".

19.   Why did people in early societies exchange their things for other things ?
A.They were unfamiliar with money
B.The had an oversupply of products
C.They did not need a system of exchange
D.Barter system was very simple
E.They were very poor

20.   What is the main idea of paragraph 4 ?
A.Barter was the only way of trade
B.People exchanged their things easily
C.The richest man was one who used money
D.Man looked for something to satisfy the demands of payment
E.People did not think of finding a new means of exchange.

21.   Which statement is true according to the text ?
A.In early societies, people exchanged their things to buy something
B.In growing societies, barter system made them satisfied
C.In early societies, people traded by exchanging their things
D.The richest man used barter as anew system of exchange
E.They did not realize that they had to find a new system of exchange.

22.   The main idea of the third paragraph is ........
A.man should have a new system of exchange
B.primitive man wanted clothing, food and shelter only
C.labor and services became more specialized
D.barter was an important, means of exchange
E.barter was difficult to carry out

23.   "barter no longer satisfied the demands of payment." (paragraph 3)
The underlined word means ........

24.   "........ many different things in his search for a convenient ........"(paragraph 4)
The underlined word has the same meaning as ........

25.   Nani  : I think there is very little chance for me at home.
Tini    : To avoid the risk, it's better for you to save it in the bank.
From the dialogue we know that ........
A.Nani can certainly save her money at home
B.Nani will probably not be able to save her money at home
C.Tini is certain that Nani will save money at home
D.Nani have saved her money in a bank
E.Nani can save her money at home

                                   WILD LIFE CONSERVATION
          There is reason for the deep concern about the plight of wildlife on our country. Many rare species are threatened with extinction because of the greed of hunters and game collectors. Orangutans are rarely found their natural habitat in the forests of Kalimantan and Sumatera, but one may find them in zoos and private menageries all over the world. Ruthless hunters kill innocent elephants for their valuable ivory tusks or catch them alive to perform in circuses. Tigers hides decorate walls and floors of rich people's home in distant countries.
          It is feared that if things are allowed to continue in this way, very soon all wildlife will disappear from our forest. Fortunately, the government has now imposed strict laws on hunting. Some areas are designated wildlife reserves where hunters cannot enter. Theses include Ujung Kulon and Pangandaran in west Java. Merubetiri in East Java, and many more on the other islands.
         Some time ago our newspapers contained reports of elephants which had run in the province of Lampung. They had emerged from their abode in the forest and destroyed crops and houses belonging to the villagers. The people could not understand why the beasts had suddenly gone wild. The strange thing was that the animals had not come for food, because having wrought destruction they returned to the forests. They seemed to have come only to vent their anger. As elephants by law, the people could not kill any of them.
          The explanation for the elephants strange behavior is that they felt their quite life had been disturbed by the timber feeling projects and saw mills set up deep in the forest. The animals felt their domain was being narrowed by man, and so they got angry. Elephants need peace and quiet for their family life. They live in herds, and each like to have its own territory.

26.   What do hunters kill the elephants for ?
B.decorate walls
C.wildlife reserves
D.private menageries
E.valuable ivory tusks

27.   Which of these sentences is true according to the text ?
A.The elephants like to live near the village
B.The elephants came to the village to vent their anger
C.People are not allowed to kill all animals in the forest
D.The government is not worried about the bad condition of wild life
E.Hunters having special permits can enter Ujung Kulon and Pangandaran

28.   " ........ they had emerged from their abode in the forest ........ " (p.3)
The underlined word is similar to ........

29.   The main idea of the third paragraph is ........
A.The elephants came at night only
B.The elephants like to live near the village
C.The elephants destroyed the crops and houses of the villagers
D.The elephants are protected animals
E.The elephants became wild animals

30.   Ruthless hunters kill innocent elephants for their valuable ivory tusks. (Paragaraph l).
The underlined word is similar to ........

31.   Paragraph 4 is about ........
A.the saw mill in Lampung
B.the quite life of elephants
C.the elephant herds in Lampung
D.the timber-felling projects in Lampung
E.the reason of the elephants' anger

32.   Anwar : Look. The grass needs cutting.
Broto  : Tha's true. I've been very busy lately. But I will have it mown.
The underlined sentence means ........
A.Anwar and Broto will mow the grass.
B.Broto will ask Anwar to mow the grass
C.Broto will ask someone to mow the grass
D.Broto will mow the grass for Anwar
E.Broto himself mow the grass

          Nearly all energy is divided from the sun, either in directly or directly, in the form of heat rays and light rays.
          Electrical energy is derived from the sun indirectly eg. it can be derived from the power of water falling down a mountainside. Water falls on the earth's surface in the form of rain, which is known to be formed by the evaporation of water caused by the heat of the sun. This water vapor rises, condenses on cooling, and falls as rain.
          The light and heat energy from coal is also derived indirectly from the sun. Coal was formed by the pressure of the rocks on vegetation which died millions of years ago. That vegetation grew with the aid of sunlight, from which carbohydrates were formed, thus converting solar energy into chemical energy. When coal is burnt some of this energy is released.
          Energy used to drive car engines is derived from petrol, which was also formed with the indirect aid of the sun. Plants, and animals were pressed under the rocks in the earth. These dead animal and vegetable remains formed petroleum, from which petrol and oil are now obtained.
          This the sun can be said to be the source of nearly all energy, and that in the absence of the sun's heat and light, no life could exist on earth.

33.   Which statement is true according to the text ?
A.Petroleum was formed by pressing rocks.
B.The sun is the source of all energy
C.Other indirect aid of the sun is car engines
D.Chemical energy is released directly from the sun
E.The light energy from coal is directly derived from the sun

34.   Paragraph four tells us about ........
A.how petroleum was formed
B.how to obtain petrol and oil
C.how petrol used to driver a car
D.how plants and animals are pressed under the rocks
E.how to change animals and vegetables into petroleum

35.   In what form is energy derived from the sun ?
A.Petrol and oil
B.Hot weather
C.Electrical energy
D.Evaporation of water
E.Heat and light rays

36.   The topic of paragraph two is ........
A.the process of rainfall
B.the power of a waterfall
C.the process of water evaporation
D.the power of electrical energy
E.the derivation of electrical energy

37.   This water vapor rice, condenses on cooling, and falls as rain. (p.2)
The underlined word in this context means ........
A.increases in volume
B.changes into liquid
C.becomes light
D.makes strong
E.causes to fall

38.   " ........ thus converting solar energy into energy." (p.3).
The underlined word is similar to ........

39.   Husband  : My car's battery is very weak.
Wife        : Why don't we get a new one.
Husband  : I think we should, but I wish I could recharge the battery
The underlined expression means that he ........ recharge the battery
C.can not
D.does not
E.could not

40.   Ria   : Tomorrow is Sunday. Shall we go swimming ?
Lita  : ...............
Ria   : Don't worry. I'll teach you.
A.Oh no, I am not going to swim
B.Well, I think I can swim well
C.That's good idea to swim
D.I don't fell like swimming
E.Well, I can't swim

41.   Monica  :  I haven't read today's newspaper
                Would you mind lending me yours, Anto ?
Anto      :  Here you are !
The closest meaning for the underlined expression is ........
A.Monica asks Anto for lending her a newspaper
B.Anto wishes Monica lent him a newspaper
C.Monica wants Anto to lend her a newspaper
D.Anto plans to lend her a newspaper
E.Monica wants to read a newspaper

42.   Tono : ........ for disturbing you with the smoke from my cigarette.
Tini    : Oh, Forget it. I can stand it
A.Please, accept my apologies
B.I can't tell you how sorry
C.Would you mind
D.I am worried
E.Can you stand

43.   Tono : Hi Dedy!
           Don't you to watch our school team ?
           It will be a real big match.
Dedy : I am certainly planning to see the game. But what about the weather ?
           Do you think it will be fine ?
Tono : ...............
A.I wished that
B.I do hope so
C.That's it then
D.let's hope that
E.I can't see that

44.   Tina : Congratulation, Lina ! You're really the best Balinese dancer.
Lina : No, Not at all. I just want to share what I know.
The underlined expression means that Lina ........
A.can't deny it
B.agreed with Tina
C.didn't believe Tina
D.wanted to say that Tina was wrong
E.really wished to become a good dancer.

45.   Joko     : I have never seen such a beautiful wedding ceremony.
Robert  : ........ It was really great.
A.I got it know
B.I wouldn't say that
C.I was very satisfied
D.I quite agree with you
E.I am very happy to hear that

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