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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1991)

       "A healthy mind in a healthy body". That is the motto of every athlete in the world. People can be happy only if they are healthy. There are several important things we must do in order to stay healthy. First, we must get enough regular physical exercise. Second, we must live in a clean house. Third, we must have enough time to rest. Rest is an important physical exercise. And fourth, we must eat adequate quantities of nutritious food.
       Good food is very important for keeping our body healthy. Food which contains a lot of nutriments is always good for our body. Nutriments are used by our body for energy, growth and for building new body tissues. Nutriments are of five important groups : proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Our body needs proteins for its growth. Therefore, proteins are the most important nutriments for young people. Proteins also rebuild worn-out body tissues. We can acquire proteins from meat chicken, peas, beans, coconuts, eggs and milk.
       Carbohydrates are as important as proteins, because they are the main source of energy. The body needs energy to do its work. Carbohydrates are found in flour, bread, cakes, rice, potatoes, cassava, corn, sugar and sweets.
       Fats are another important source of energy. We can find fats in butter, margarine, milk, coconut-milk, eggs, fish, meat and ice-cream. However, too much fat can make our body at and this is dangerous for our heart. It can cause heart attacks.
       Mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron are also absolutely necessary for our body. For instance, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are necessary for the growth of our bones and teeth. Iron is important for our blood.
       Vitamins are important for our health. The body cannot make is own vitamins, so it depends on our food for these. We must eat food which contains a lot of vitamins, such as vegetables and fruit. They help the body to absorb other nutrients in food. Vitamins control our digestion.

1.   What kind of food is good for our body ?
Food that contains ........
A.minerals, margarine, milk, meat, proteins
B.fats, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, proteins
C.proteins, minerals, vegetables, fruit, vitamins
D.carbohydrates, fats, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins
E.proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins

2.   Which of the following statements is correct ........
A.Having much rest is needed to be healthy
B.Expensive meals keep our body healthy
C.Our body can provide its own vitamins
D.Too much fat endanger heart
E.when you eat beans you will get a lot of carbohydrates

3.   We can find carbohydrates in ........
A.bread, rice, potatoes, corn and sweets
B.flour, cakes, butter. ice-cream and eggs
C.cassava, coconut-milk, fish, margarine and meat
D.meat, fish, corn, ice-cream, butter and cassava
E.rice, margarine, cake, flour, eggs, fish and meat

4.   The main idea of the first paragraph is ........
A.How to be happy
B.How to stay healthy
C.How to do physical exercise
D.How to balance food and work
E.How to keep nutritious food

5.   It can cause heart attack. (Paragraph 4)
What does the word "it" refer to ?
A.our body
B.our heart
C.nut milk
D.too much fat
E.source of energy

6.   We must eat adequate quantities of nutritious food.
The underlined word means ........

       A force of attraction exists between every body in the universe. It is called gravity and it has been investigated by many scientist including Galileo and Newton. Gravitational force depends on the masses of the bodies involved. Normally it is very small, but when one of the bodies is a planet, like the earth, the force is considerable. Everything on or near the surface of the earth is attracted by the mass of the earth. The greater the mass the greater is the earth's force of attraction on it.
       Because of gravity, bodies have weight. We can perceive weight only when a body resists gravity. For example, when we pick up a stone there are two forces involved. One is the lifting force we exert, and the other is the force of gravity which attracts the stone downwards and this gives it weight. When a body escapes from the influence of the earth's gravitational pull, it can become 'weightless'. For example, the centrifugal force of a spacecraft spinning in orbit round the earth cancels the effect of gravity. The crew therefore experience weightlessness. One of the minor disadvantages of weightlessness is that normal pen will not write, because the ink is not attracted by gravity to flow out of the pen.
       If the space crew land on the surface of the moon, they experience the much weaker for be of gravity exerted by the moon. On the moon they weightless than on earth. Special training is necessary to help them to walk on the moon's surface.
       To simplify engineering calculations, it is assumed that gravity is the same every where on the earth's surface, and that every kilogram of mass the earth exerts a force of 9,81 Newtons on a body. In fact gravity differs slightly from place to place because of the shape of the earth. It is greatest at the poles where the earth is flattest, and least at the equator.

7.   When can a body become weightless ?
A.when a body resists gravity of the earth
B.when a body and the earth attract one another
C.when a body is free from the influence of the earth's gravitational pull
D.when a body is pulled by the earth's gravitational force
E.when the earth's gravitational force attracts the body

8.   State which of the following statement is correct.
A.In fact gravity is the same from place to place because of the space of the earth
B.It is possible for the space crew to walk on the moon without special training
C.One of the causes that make ink flow out of the pen is gravity
D.Our body will be overweight when we are in the outer space
E.The gravity on the moon greater that on the earth

9.   According to the text, when the astronauts landed on the surface of the moon, they experienced the much weaker force of gravity ........ by the moon.

10.   The main idea of the second paragraph is about ......
A.how to perceive weight
B.why bodies have weight
C.the weight of appace craft crew
D.the experience of a spacecraft crew
E.the gravitational force which attracts a stone

11.   The word "it" in paragraph 1 line 3 refers to ........
A.one of the bodies
B.force of attraction
C.gravitational force
D.scientists' investigation
E.everything in the universe

12.   It has been investigated by many scientists including Galileo and Newton.
The underlined word means ........

       Oil, like coal and natural gas, is a fossil fuel fossils are made from the remains of dead plants and animals. It is thought that oil comes from tiny plants and animals whose bodies fell in their millions to the seabed when they died. There they were covered by sands and muds, which later hardened into rocks. In the course of millions of years, the plant and animal material underwent chemical change and eventually turned into oil.
       Oil deposits lie hidden deep beneath the surface of the earth. They have to be searched for. Unless the soil actually comes to the surface, it is impossible to be certain that any is present.
       The rising demand for oil products keeps the oil companies busy exploring new oil fields, and drilling new wells. Exploration teams are sent to distant regions to search for oil. If the exploration shows good results, the company decides to drill a well. This the exploration phase ends, and the production phase begins.
       At the beginning of the production phase, gas pressure from below causes the crude oil to gush to the surface with great force. After some time, however, the gas pressure is less, and a pumping-station must be built to bring up the oil. Wells continue to produce oil for several years, until production becomes so low that they must be abandoned.
       Crude oil has to be transported to a refinery to be made into the many products that are useful to man, such as petrol, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricants, asphalt Further processing gives aviation fuel, greases, fertilizers, insecticides, man-made fibers and many other things.
       The oil industry has a very complex and widespread distribution system. Ocean tankers, pipelines, rail tankers, and road tankers are used to bring the oil products to sea-port, inland depots, can and drum factories , and to tens of thousand of petrol stations in cities and along motorways.
       More than any other, the oil industry influences the lives of men and women everywhere. From the largest to the simplest home, whose need may only be kerosene for its lamps and stoves, there is daily need for large quantities of the various oil products.

13.   What helped plant and animal materials turned into oil ?
D.sands and muds
E.chemical changes

14.   According to the text, the right sentences is ........
A.oil is only found in the seabed
B.oil cannot be found beneath the seabed
C.nowadays it is easy to find oil resources
D.the process of oil formation lasts millions of years
E.All dead plants and animals change directly into oil

15.   After several years oil ........ may be exhausted and the wells become dry.

16.   The main idea of paragraph 1 is : How oil is ........

17.   They have to be searched for (Paragraph 2, line 6) The word 'they' refers to ........
B.tiny plants
C.fuel fossils
D.oil deposits
E.chemical changes

18.   The exploration teams are sent to distant regions to search for oil.
The word "distant regions" means ........
A.remote places
B.long journeys
C.research areas
D.far from drillings
E.explorations area

       Every day both industrial and domestic chimneys emit vast amount of dirt and harmful gases. The exhaust fumes from thousands of car engines add to this huge volume of filth.
       Sulphur dioxide, produced mainly by the burning of coal and oil, combines with the moisture of the air to form sulphuric acid. This eats away stone, brick and even metal. Doctors reason that if it can do this, it must damage the lungs of people who breathe it, especially over a period of many years.
       Usually the effect of air pollution are not instantly noticeable. Occasionally though, there have been catastrophic ‘smogs’ (The word smog is a combination of smoke and fog). One of these occurred in the town of Donora, Pennsylvania, in the U.S.A. They valley in which the town lies traps the some and fumes from the steel-works and chemical plants that fill it. One day in October 1948, unusual weather conditions prevented the smog from lifting by the afternoon, as it normally did. Instead, it hung over the town for three days. By the end of the third day, nearly 8000 people were ill. More than 80 percent of those aged 85 and over seriously ill, 20 people died. At last a heavy rain shower dared the smog.
       One of the chief causes of air pollution in many cities in the internal combustion engine. Cars, lorries, and buses give out the gas called carbon monoxide, which in high concentrations can kill a person in a confined space. Cars also throw into the air fine particles of rubber and asphalt from their tires and the road, and particles of asbestos from their brake-linings. These can cause damage to the lungs when breathed in.
       Another source of pollution is the nuclear power stations which produce a great amount of poisonous radio-active waste. This waste must be sealed up and buried beneath the ground or seabed so carefully that there is no danger of leakage. Some scientists are very worried that we are not being careful enough with nuclear waste. it may not all be buried safely. Also, they fear there may be a serious accident at a nuclear power station, releasing deadly radiation into the air.

19.   The burning of coal and oil produces ........
A.sulphuric acid
B.sulphur dioxide
C.exhaust fume
D.carbon monoxide
E.air moisture

20.   Which of the sentences is correct according to the text ?
A.Factories, motor cars, and nuclear power stations cause air pollution.
B.The exhaust-pipe of a running car absorbs carbon monoxide
C.In a confined space carbon monoxide is not very dangerous
D.Radio-active waste is poisonous, so it is harmless to people
E.Smoke and fumes clear up the air around a factory

21.   Stone brick and even metal can be eaten away by ........
A.sulphur dioxid
B.harmful gases
C.carbon monoxide
D.radio-active waste
E.sulphuric acid

22.   The main idea of paragraph 3 is about
A.an accident which occurred in Donora
B.the effect of industrial development
C.the unnoticeable effect of air pollution
D.the smog covering the town of Donora
E.air pollution which is not noticeable

23.   The word "this" in paragraph 2 line 4 refers to .....
A.moisture of the air
B.sulphuric acid
C.brick and metal
D.sulphur dioxide
E.burning of coal and oil

24.   Usually the effect of air pollution are not instantly noticeable.
"Noticeable" means ......
A.can be seen
B.can be heard
C.can be thought
D.able to be touched
E.could be tasted

       There is reason for the deepest concern about the plight of wild life in our country. Many rare species are threatened with extinction because of the greed of hunters and game collectors. Orangutans are rarely found in their natural habitat in the forest of Kalimantan and Sumatera, but one may find them in zoos and private menageries all over the world. Ruthless hunters kill innocent elephants for their valuable ivory tusks, or catch them alive to perform in circuses. Tiger's hides decorate walls and floors of rich people's home in distant countries. it things are allowed to continue in this way, it is feared that very soon all wild disappear from our forests. Fortunately, the government has now imposed strict laws on hunting. Some areas are designed wildlife reserves where hunters cannot enter. These include Ujungkulon and Pangandaran in West Java, Merubetiri in East Java, and many more in the other island.
       Sometime ago our newspapers contained reports elephants which had run amok in the province of Lampung. They had emerged from their abode in the forest and destroyed crops and houses belonging to the villagers. The people could not understand why the beasts had suddenly gone wild. The strange thing was that animals had not come for food, because having wrought destruction they returned to the forest. They seemed to have come only to vent their anger. As elephants are protected by law, the people could not kill any of them.
       The explanation for the elephants strange behavior is that they felt their quiet life had been disturbed by the timber-felling projects and saw mills set up deep in the forest. The animals felt their domain was being narrowed by man, and so they got angry. Elephants need peace and quiet for their family life. They also need wide areas of land in which to roam. They live in herds, and each herd likes to have its won territory.
       Now the government has driven the elephants back into the forests, away from any village or lumber­mill. By shouting and shooting in the air the people drove the great beasts to a new abode in the district of Air Sugihan. It is hoped that they will feel at home there, and can live in peace and quiet

25.   Why are tigers hunted ?
A.To keep as pets
B.To get their claws
C.To get their hides
D.To become their friends
E.To help them with their work

26.   According to the passage the right sentence is ?
A.Most elephants are killed for their ivory tusks
B.Many valuable ivory tusks are found in Kalimantan
C.The circuses can also reduce the elephant population
D.The game collectors stop hunting the rare species in Indonesia
E.The plight of the wildlife in our country does not need deep concern of us.

27.   The government provides a new ........ for the elephants because their old one has been invaded by man.

28.   The main idea of the first paragraph is ........
A.We can find orangutans in zoos
B.Elephants are hunted for their skin
C.Hunters are not allowed to kill orangutans
D.The cause of worrying the plight of wild-life in our country
E.Rare species of animals are also likely to extinct

29.   ....... but one may find them in zoos and (Paragraph 1 line 4)
The Underlined word refers to ........
E.rare species

30.   The word 'ruthless' in paragraph one line 5 means ....
A.very brave
B.very cruel
D.full of pity
E.very disappointed

31.   Look at the picture below.

The paint of the picture pointed by the arrow denoting the ........ of our independence.

32.   There are four seasons in subtropical regions and two in the tropics.
In ........ the leaves of the trees fall to ground.
E.wet season

33.   We have to keep our tropical forests because they provide rubber, cocoa and numerous pharmaceuticals.
The underlined word means ........
A.many kinds of
B.a lot of

34.   Melting rock, steam and gas escape from time to time with explosive force through the ........ of the mountain..

35.   There are various ways to prevent ........ such as by using IUD.

36.   Tom  : "I didn't see your brother when I visited you yesterday."
Bob  : "He ........ his bike in the garage."
B.is repairing
C.was repairing
D.has repaired
E.would repair

37.   Mr. Rodolf  : "Did you throw those letters away ?"
Jabu            : "Yes. sir. Should they ........ again ?"
Mr. Rodolf  : "Of course. They are confidential letters."
D.be collected
E.been collected

38.   Our laboratory ........ school is provided ........ modern equipment.
A.in - by
B.at - with
C.at - for
D.in - to
E.at - by

39.   The soil is fertile.
You can cultivate it.
The combination of the two sentences is : The soil is ......
A.fertile enough to cultivate
B.fertile to cultivate enough
C.fertile enough to cultivate it
D.enough fertile to cultivate
E.fertile enough for cultivating

40.   Susy : "I wonder why Ani didn't pass the entrance test."
Mira : "She would have passed if she ........ enough time"
Susy : "I see. She was not well prepared, then."
C.has had
D.had had
E.would have

41.   X : "How long have you lived in Lampung ?"
Y : "Well, by January next year I ........ there for 3 years."
B.will lived
C.will he living
D.will have lived
E.have been living

42.   All the articles are very boring in today's newspaper.
There is ........ interesting in it.

43.   If only were diligent and polite we would love him.
This sentence means that he ........ diligent and polite.
B.was not
D.is not
E.will be

44.   Tono : "Do you like swimming Anto ?"
Anto  : "No, I prefer playing badminton ........ swimming."
E.better than

45.   Bill   : "Where is your car, John ?"
John : "At the garage, I am having ........ it at the moment."
C.to repair
D.being repaired

46.   John : "Rudy, I hear you've won the first prize the speech contest at your school ! ........ "
Rudy: "Thank you !"
A.I am happy
B.I believe so
C.I'm surprised
E.It's a pity

47.   Salman : "May I borrow your calculator ?"
Ron      : "........ there's something wrong with it."
A.I apologize
B.I agree with you
C.I am afraid you can't
D.I am sorry to hear that
E.I am pleased to hear that

48.   Sastra : "Sorry I didn't ring you last night. I had to accompany my mother going to the doctor."
Anna   : " ............................... "
A.Not to worry
B.Right you are
C.It's nice to hear it
D.I don't thing you would
E.It was really surprising

49.   Mrs. Yusuf  : "It's already late, Budi hasn't come yet"
                     "  .................. something wrong happens to him."
Mr. Yusuf    : "Don't worry. He'll be all right."
A.I suspect
B.I'm afraid
C.I don't think
D.I rather doubt
E.I very much wish

50.   Anna  : I'm very much obliged
Nana  : Please, don't mention it.
The underlined utterance expresses .......

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