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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1990)



       In some ways our body is like a machine. A machine, such as a car engine, needs energy to do its work. The engine burns fuel, usually petrol. The fuel is combined with oxygen from the air. Energy is released.
       There are many likenesses between a machine and the human body. But it is the difference that make you better than a machine. For example, our body can change food into living material and it can grow. Machine cannot do these things. They cannot feel or see and they cannot think and learn as human beings do. The human body can repair worn-out parts. It can even produce new human beings. There is something special about the human body. It is alive, but machines are not.
       The human body has many kinds of organs. For example, it has the skeleton to hold the body erect. It has muscles to move the body. It has blood to carry food to all parts of the body. Our body has the brain to think with. It has the nervous system to control the muscles through our senses. Our senses are windows on the world about us. We learn everything through our senses. Information comes to us through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and some other senses. These other senses and the senses of balance. These sense tell us what is going on inside our body.

1.   One similarity between our body and a machine is that about ........
A.produce new human beings
B.can repair worn-out parts
C.use energy to do their work
D.can feel, see, think and learn
E.can change foot into living materials

2.   The function of the skeleton is ........
A.to carry food
B.to move the body
C.to control the muscles
D.to give us information
E.to hold the body erect

3.   Which paragraph tells us about parts of our body and their functions ?
A.paragraph 1
B.paragraph 2
C.paragraph 3
D.paragraph 1 dan 2
E.paragraph 2 dan 3

4.   The main idea of paragraph 2 is about ........
A.the function of a machine
B.the function of our body
C.the production of new human being
D.the differences between the human body and a machine
E.the combination of oxygen from the air

5.   It has the skeleton to hold the body erect.
The words erect means ........

6.   The human body can repair worn-out because it is alive
The underlined words means ........



       The big airliner was flying high in the sky. Some of the passengers were sleeping, like the man who sit next to me. Some others were talking with their neighbours. A fat woman was sitting across the aisle from me. She had a magazine in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. She seemed to pay more attention to her chocolate, than to her magazine. Every time I looked in her direction she was busy eating chocolate, and she almost never looked at her magazine.
       Suddenly the plane began to shake. The fat women jumped out of her seat. She was very nervous, "Why ... Why ... What's happening?" she asked "When . . . . hey . . . the plane shaking so," She looked out of a window and started screaming. "Help! The plane's on fire!"
       Then there came an announcement. "Attention, please!. This is the captain speaking. Please stay in your seats. Nothing serious has happened. One of the engines has stopped but the plane is all right. The engine is not on fire, so, please, don't be afraid."
       The fat woman fainted in her seat. A stewardess was with her. Another stewardess was trying to calm a woman who was very talkative at first, but was crying now. Everyone was quite.
       The stewardess were every goes. They succeeded in calming down those who were frightened. I felt the plane turning slowly. Some smoke still coming from the engine, but that was all.

7.   The fat woman who was ........ was one of the passengers in the big airliner.
A.reading a magazine
B.looking out of window
C.busy eating her chocolate
D.talking with her neighbour
E.sitting next to writer

8.   The captain asked the passengers to ........
A.be quite
B.start praying
C.stop the engines
D.fasten the seatbelts
E.remain in their seats

9.   What did the stewardesses do ?
They  ........
A.stopped the smoke from the engine.
B.were frightening the passenger
C.made an announcements to the passenger
D.sit with another passenger.
E.succeeded in calming down the passenger

10.   The main idea of the first paragraph is about ........
A.the pilot
B.the writer
C.the fat woman
D.the woman's neighbour
E.he sleeping passengers

11.   Some of the passengers were sleeping, like the man who sit next to me. (line 2)
The underlined word refers to ........
A.fat woman
B.the pilot
C.the woman
D.the writer
E.the stewardess

The part of the aeroplane shown by he arrow is called the ........

       As the supplies of fossil fuels-coal, oil and gas are running out, scientists have been working hard trying to find the ways of obtaining other kinds of fuel. They have succeeded in finding on that is very efficient nuclear fuel. However, the ores with produce this kind of energy, e.g. uranium ores, will eventually run out, too. Fortunately a source of abundant energy, which is virtually inexhaustible sunlight has been waiting for the scientist. The sun sends out energy equal to the produced by 10,000 million tons of coal every second, of which the earth receives only one two-billionth part. It is estimated that the energy which falls on one square meter of the earth's surface per second can be used to keep about seven 100 watt lamps burning. The sun's energy is really abundant, but only a limited amount has so far been used by man. The sun can also be used as a source of fuel for power plants. Such power plants are still in the experimental stages. However, it is hoped that they will lead the way to a wider use of solar energy to run machines.
       Solar energy can be used in telephone communications, space technology, and farming. Solar batteries have been in experimental use for a number of years to power telephone lines. They are now being use to recharge batteries which power instruments used in space vehicles. Scientist have also succeeded in developing solar pumps that can raise water for irrigation.

13.   Why have scientist been trying to find ways of obtaining other kinds of fuel?
Because . . . .
A.uranium ores produce energy
B.nuclear fuel is very efficient
C.sunlight is virtually inexhaustible
D.the supplies of fossil fuels are running out
E.sunlight has been waiting for the scientist

14.   Which of the following is a source of abundant energy ........
A.Gas .

15.   In farming, solar energy is used to operate ........ for irrigation.
E.power plants

16.   Information about amount of energy sent out by the sun is found in ........
A.paragraph 1
B.paragraph 2
C.paragraph 3
D.paragraph 4
E.paragraph 3 dan 4

17.   However, it is hoped that they will lead the way to a wider use of solar energy to run machines.
The word underlined refers to ........
B.power plants
C.solar batteries
D.experimental stages
E.telephone communications

18.   The scientist are trying to find ways to change the sun's light into ........

       A bank is an institution with a two fold function. First, it keeps people's money safe and readily available. In this way it functions as a saving bank. Secondly, it lends money to people who need it. It is also, therefore, a moneylender.
       Anyone can save to any bank and deposit money, that is, ask the bank to look after it. He becomes a customer of the bank. When he deposits money, we say he opens a bank account. There are two types of bank account. The first is a current account. When a customer deposits money in the safe-keeping of the bank, he can at any time claim the repayment of the money, in part or in whole, by means of a written order to the bank signed by himself.
       Such an order is called a cheque. The second kind of account is the deposit account. When the bank receives money on deposit, the customer can demand its return at the end of an agreed term of notice of withdrawal a month, three months, six months or a year. The bank pays interest on money in deposit accounts.
       Just as they receive deposits from this customers, so the banks lend money to their customers. A person who wants to borrow money has to give the bank something as security, for instance, a certificate showing ownership of property. When a customer has a bank loan, the bank charges him interest on the money he has borrowed. The bank does not always give the borrower annual money. It may credit his account with the amount borrowed, exactly as if he had deposited at the bank.

19.   What do you call a person who deposits his money in a bank ?
A.A banker
B.A customer
C.A cheque owner
D.A money lender
E.A money changer

20.   A customer who has a current accounts can draw his money by ........
A.means of a cheque
B.opening an account
C.showing his hand-book
D.showing his identity card
E.writing a letter to the bank

21.   What is the main idea of paragraph three ........
A.Banks as money lenders
B.How to deposit money
C.Banks as savings banks
D.How to borrow money from a bank
E.How interest is charged on the borrower

22.   Just as they receive deposits from their customers, so the banks lend money to their customers.
The word "they" refers to ........
D.money lenders
E.deposit accounts

23.   The word interest (line 13) means ........
A.share belonging to the bank
B.attention paid by the bank
C.money paid for the use of money
D.dividend given by the custom
E.money given by the customer

24.   Someone who wishes to borrow money from a bank should give the bank something
as ........



       If you look at the front of a large, modern hospital, you may notice that there are two separate entrances. One of these is for patients in need of immediate treatment. it is the emergency entrance. Here ambulances are to be seen pulling up at any hour of the day or night. The other entrance is the main entrance of the hospital.
       In the ground floor inside main entrance. there are probably a reception areas and waiting room, and also office. On the floors above and below are the numerous other departments. On a lower floor may be the laundry and the kitchen. On another floor will be a maternity section for mothers and their babies. Their rooms are usually kept separate from the rest of the hospital, so that the babies do not catch other people's illnesses.
       The rooms from other patients are usually on the higher floors. There are small rooms for just one. patient, slightly larger rooms for two, three or four patients, and larger rooms called wards, in which as many as 40 or 50 patients may lie in rows of beds. On other floors are the operating rooms, called operating theatres, and special departments such as he radiography department, where x-rays are taken and developed.
       In the laboratories, special tests are carried out on body tissue and fluids to find out the nature of a patient's disease. The pharmacy supplies the drugs to treat patients, near the operating theatres is the blood bank to store blood for transfusions. Here too is the sterilizing department, where all the operating instruments and bandages used in the operating theatres and in the wards are cleaned and made free from germs

25.   Where can you find the reception area in a modern hospital ........
A.On the ground floor
B.On the floors above
C.On the second floor
D.Near the maternity section
E.At the emergency entrance

26.   X-rays are taken and developed in the ........
B.operating theatre
C.emergency section
D.maternity section
E.radiography department

27.   The ........ are located on the same floor.
A.kitchen and the maternity action
B.waiting room and the laboratory
C.reception areas the laundry
D.laundry and the maternity action
E.laundry and the kitchen

28.   The main idea of the first paragraph is about to ........
A.modern hospital :
B.operating theatres
C.the rooms for patient
D.the two kinds of entrances
E.the location of the departments

29.   The word "Here" line 3 refers to ........
A.the two separate entrances
B.the emergency entrance
C.the main entrance
D.the hospital
E.the entrances

30.   A doctor examining his patient using a ........

31.   Asia is the largest of the three ........

32.   Bali is ........ between Java and Lombok.

33.   Children under the age of 6 go to the ........
B.secondary school
C.junior high school
D.elementary school
E.senior high school

34.   During a football-match, linesmen have to move ........
A.in the goal area
B.along he goal line
C.in he penalty area
D.along the touch line
E.along the halfway line

35.   Lake Toba ........ many foreign tourists to visit it.

36.   Mrs. Budi  : "Nani, where did you put my chemistry book ?"
Anton        : "What did Mrs. Budi ask you, Nani ?"
Nani          : "She asked me ........ her chemistry book."
A.Where I put
B.Where did you put
C.Where I had put
D.Where had I put
E.Where you had put

37.   Rina   : "What's wrong with you, Yanti ?"
Yanti  : "I have a toothache. It's so painful."
Rina   : "I think you ........ see a dentist as soon as possible."
C.had to
E.were to

38.   Steve : "Is your sister still in Medan ?"
Paul   : "Yes, she ........ there since last September."
B.will be
C.could be
D.has been
E.had been

39.   The road is narrow and slippery. Many accidents happen.
In other words we can say The road is narrow and slippery ........ many accidents happen.

40.   Mary doesn't like seafood because she is allergic to it.
A.If she is not allergic to the food, she eats it
B.If she was not allergic to the food, she ate it
C.If she is not allergic to the food, she will eat it
D.If she were not allergic to the food, she would eat it
E.If she hadn't been allergic to the food she would have eaten it

41.   Mr. Amat is old. He may not drive a car
We can say Mr. Amat is ........ to drive a car
A.so old
B.too old
C.very old
D.old enough
E.rather old

42.   We were not allowed to enter the classroom because it ........
C.was cleaned
D.was cleaning
E.was being cleaned

43.   I bought a bike last week. Do you want to see it ?
The combined sentence is :
Do you wan to see the bike ........ I bought last week ?

44.   I don' like writing letters. I like reading them
We can also say :
I prefer reading letters ........ writing them.

45.   Badu     : "I like watching comedy films. How about you, Yan ?"
Wayan  : "........"
A.I too
B.I'm too
C.I do too
D.I like to
E.I do so too

46.   At a train station in Surabaya, at 5:05 p.m
Officer  : "You're late, Sir. The train for Jakarta has just left"
Mr. Ali  : "........ ! What should I do then. I'm supposed to be in Jakarta
               at two o'clock tomorrow."
A.How nice
B.Oh my God
C.Don't worry
D.What a good news
E.That's all right

47.   Sartono  : "Mira, there's a good, film on at the Jakarta Theatre."
                "Would you care to go with me ?"
Mira       :  ".................................................................."
                 "My grandmother is coming."
A.Thank you
B.All right
C.Yes, please
D.I'm afraid I can't
E.That would be nice

48.   Yanto : "I was wondering how Ani knew the names of so many waters."
Budi   : "It's not surprising because reading ........"
A.is her hobby
B.is interesting
C.is a good hobby
D.gives you pleasure.
E.is a good way to kill the time

49.   Mother : "In the holidays, we'll spend a whole week in our home town."
Son      : "........ I'll meet with my old friends and play with them."
A.It'll be funny
B.It seems possible
C.I'll be very sorry
D.That might be awful
E.That'll be wonderful

50.   Don  : " ............................................   I've forgotten mine"
Sari  : "Here you are"
Don  : "Thanks"
A.How do you do, Sari ?
B.How are you today, Sari ?
C.Could you do me a favor
D.Can I borrow your dictionary ?
E.How are things with you, Sari ?

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