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  Kelas : 3, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 1989)

1.   Mr. Burhan ........ one of the English teachers in our school this year.
C.will be
D.has been
E.will have been

2.   The mango tree ........ stands in front of our house is bearing lots of fruit now.
E.of which

3.   Herry won't have solved the problem, and ........
A.so will I
B.I will too
C.neither will I
D.I will have too
E.I haven't either

4.   I'm completely free now because I ........ all my work.
B.will do
C.have done
D.will have done
E.have been doing

5.   Mother  : "Do you have any new eggs,"
Seller     : "Certainly. The eggs that ........ here are always new."
B.sold .
C.is sold
D.are sold
E.were sold.

6.   The teacher wanted to know whether there were still students who liked ........ to classical music.
D.to listen
E.to listening

7.   "Will you pour the coffee into the cups?"
We can also say : She asked me if I ........ the coffee into the cups.
C.will pour
D.would pour
E.would have poured

8.   I wish I had heard the news about Chairil's being to the Hospital.
From this sentence we know that the speaker ........
A.knew that Chairil was hospital
B.had visited Chairil in the hospital
C.didn't know that Chairil was in the hospital
D.has heard the news but didn't visit Chairil
E.visited Chairil when he knew Chairil was hospitalized

9.   He would rather ........ than ........ letters.
A.read - write
B.read - wrote
C.reads - writes
D.to read - to write
E.reading - writing

10.   When I opened the door I saw him reading the book.
It means that ........
A.reading the book, he opened the door
B.while opening the door he read the book
C.because I opened the door, he read the book
D.he was reading a book when I opened the door
E.I opened the door because he was reading the book

11.   If he worked harder, he would probably get a better salary.
We learn from this sentence that ........
A.a better salary makes him work hard
B.he works hard and gets a better salary
C.working hard makes him get a better salary
D.he gets a better salary for his hard working
E.he does not work hard to get a better salary

12.   He didn't feel well. He ........ have been working too hard.

13.   Mother told Lolo to get father's watch repaired.
From the sentence we can conclude that ........ to repair father's watch.
A.Lolo had
B.Mother toll Lolo
C.Lolo asked someone
D.Lolo told someone
E.father asked someone

14.   The basic unit for measuring length is ........
D.cubic meter
E.square meter

15.   The new 747 Boeing aircraft larger seats, and bigger windows.
"Aircraft" means ........

16.   Thermometer instrument is used to measure ........
C.sight intensity
D.glucose content
E.blood pressure

17.   When trees in the forest are cut down, rain water will go down to the lower land, causing flood and ...

18.   ........ orbit around the centre of nucleus of the atom.

19.   Animals need oxygen, plants help to provide.
In return, animals give off carbon dioxide which is taken by plants.
This process is called ........

20.   The most important job of the police is to prevent crimes and arrest ........

21.   The eruption of sea volcanoes causes ........ flooding regions on the coast.
A.cold lava
B.hot steam
C.hot gases
D.high waves
E.black ashes

According to TABLE 1, the region with the highest birth rate is ........
A.East Java Province
B.West Java Province
C.Central Java Province
D.Yogyakarta Special Territory
E.Special Territory Capital City of Jakarta Raya

23.   After food is forced down the esophagus, it enters the ........
E.small intestine

24.   Grace   : "I left my pen at home."
Robby  : "You can use one of mine"
Grace   : "........ How kind of you."
A.I'm sure
C.Thank you
D.I think so
E.I'm so sorry.

25.   Budi              : "Can I have one ticket please ?"
Ticket Seller  : " ........ The tickets have been sold out."
A.have fun
B.I'm sorry
D.Thank you
E.with pleasure

26.   Budi   : "We are going to Tawangmangu. Would you like come along?"
Sukri  : "........"
A.with pleasure
B.Oh yes, it does
C.Oh, it's interesting
D.Well, it doesn't matter
E.I find it fascinating

27.   Iwan is asking Tono to go with him to the beach.
He said, "........ "
Tono : "That's a very nice idea. Let's ask the others too."
A.Do you go to the beach ?
B.Are you going to the beach ?
C.How about going to the beach ?
D.Do you like going to the beach ?
E.Are you asking your friends to go to the beach ?

28.   Ardi  : "........"
Icu    : "Certainly. I'm always ready to help you."
A.Are you busy ?
B.Is it secret ?
C.Will you do it ?
D.Can you hear it ?
E.Could you do me a favour ?

29.   Darris    : "Can I go swimming ?"
Mother  : "........, It's going to rain."
A.Don't worry
B.Yes. you will
C.I'm afraid not
D.It's all right
E.It's fascinating

30.   Foreigner      : "Excuse me. Do you know how I can get to Jakarta from here in one day ?"
Travel agent  : ". ....... if you like."
A.It is up to you
B.You'd better go
C.Please don't ask me
D.I know do you are
E.I think you can take a plane

       Indonesia is a member of ASEAN, which is a regional organization founded by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The ASEAN Declaration, known as Bangkok Declaration, known as Bangkok was signed by the foreign Ministers of ASEAN countries on 8th August 1967 in Bangkok.
       The aim of the organization is to have a close co-operation among the member countries on an equal basis. This would bring mutual benefits and stimulate solidarity which will promote peace, stability and prosperity. ASEAN also aims at maintaining external relation with similar aims, we have ASEAN Australia economic co-operation, ASEAN-US economic co-operation, etc. Over the years, ASEAN has grown into a significant and constructive force in Southeast Asian politics. It is able to find local solutions to regional problems, and to produce concrete results in dealing with matters ranging from trade difficulties to youth activities.

31.   Indonesia ........ ASEAN.
A.was the only founder of
B.has never participated in
C.is not a member country of
D.was one of the founders of
E.didn't sign the Declaration of

32.   The ASEAN declaration was signed by ........  of ASEAN countries.
B.prime ministers
C.foreign ministers
D.vice presidents

33.   The Declaration was signed in ........
D.The Philipines
E.Brunei Darussalam

34.   One of the aims of ASEAN is ........
A.to organize other Asean countries
B.to arm themselves against other Asean nations
C.to dominate the economy of non-member countries
D.to set up a military pact among South-East Asean countries
E.to create a prosperous and peaceful community in South-East Asia

35.   The aim of the organization is to have a close cooperation among the member countries non an equal basis. This would bring mutual benefits and stimulate solidarity which will promoted peace, stability and prosperity.
The word 'this' refers to ........
A.the aim of the organization
B.maintaining peace. stability and presperity
C.the cooperation among the member counties
D.stimulating the solidarity among themselves
E.having cooperation among the members on an equal basis

       Another pioneer, Paracelsus, who helped alchemy develop into modern chemistry, declared that salt, sulphur, and mercury mixed in the proper proportions would be good for our health. He also insisted that the search for gold should be stopped.
       An important chemist in eighteenth-century in France was Lavoisier. His experiments convinced him that burning was caused by union of oxygen with other chemicals. He called this process oxidation.
       In the composed of very small particles called atoms, and that the atoms of various elements differ in their weight. The atomic theory also states that a union of two or more atoms comprises a molecule.
       At about the same time, an Italian physicist, Avogadro added the idea that a volume of one kind of gas contains the same number of molecules as an equal volume of any other kind of gas. if both are under the same conditions of temperature and pressure. This is called Avogadro's law.
       The search for gold by the ancient alchemists has given way the search for other materials, which are not less precious, and probably even more useful. Although in a limited way, they have also fulfilled the dream of the ancients, to lengthen man's life.

36.   The most suitable title for the passage above is ........
A.Small particles in gas
B.The search for gold should be stopped
C.Alchemy in the early nineteenth century
D.The union of oxygen with other chemicals
E.The development of alchemy as modern science

37.   The process of oxidation was found by ........
D.John Dalton
E.Dimitri I Mendeleyev

38.   Oxidation will take place if there is ........
A.union of atoms
B.a composition of various elements
C.a union of oxygen with other chemicals
D.enough gas containing a number of molecules
E.a mixture of salt and sulphur in proper composition

39.   The volume of a certain gas will be equal to that of another if ........
A.one of the gases has more molecules that the other
B.the heat and pressure of the two gases are different
C.they are under the same conditions of temperature and pressure
D.both have the same heat, pressure and the same number of molecules
E.they have the same number of molecules but their heat and pressure are different

40.   The effort of the ancient alchemists to change metals into gold ........
A.is only a dream
B.is something useless
C.has no relation with chemistry
D.is not the beginning of chemistry
E.has opened the way to find other useful materials.



       As early as 1788 Thomas Robert Malthus, an English economical, expressed his concern about the rapid growth of the world's population. He stated that population increased in a geometrical ratio, while substance increased only in an arithmetical ratio. Consequently, unless there were checks on the growth of the population, a dearth of material would soon prevail. All plans for social reform would be in vain unless the included a lowering of the birthrate.
       It is now nearly 200 years since Malthus Views were first published, and even though science and technology have advanced rapidly and have been very successful in increasing substance, there is still no certainly about the future unless population growth is checked. "Zero population growth" has become a popular motto in campaigns for family planning and birth control. In 1930 Indonesia had a population of 60 million in 1954 it was 81 million the present estimate is about 150 million. The annual rate old increase is around 2.2 percent. If the population continues to grow at this rate, in year 2000 we will have a population of over 200 million.

41.   Thomas Robert Malthus was ........ about the rapid growth of the word's population.

42.   Without birth control, population will increase ........ substance.
A.as fast as
B.faster than
C.slower than
D.less rapidly than
E.in the same way as

43.   If there were no checks on the population growth, ........
A.there would be a lowering of birth rate
B.the plants social reform would be successful
C.substance would increase in genetical ratio
D.population would increase in arithmetical ratio
E.there would not be enough substance for the population

44.   Zero population growth means ........
A.a popular motto for campaigns
B.there will be many more people to take care of
C.we will have a population of over 200 million in the year 2000
D.the increase in population
E.no births and no deaths

45.   The advantage of checking population growth is ........
A.there is no certainly about the future
B.there will be many more people of over 200 million in the year 2000
C.we will have a population of over 200 million in the year 2000
D.the increase in population and that old subsistence will balance
E.the average increase in population will more that 2.2 percent

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